ALZIP MAT Baby Mat Playpen ALZiP WOODLY Baby Room MILK

ALZiP Woodly Baby Room

ALZiP Woodly Baby Room is made of plastic made of HDPE that can be relieved from environmental hormones, and it has passed KC safety certification

ALZiP Mat Silion

Natural and safe silicon coated on our ECO PU leather is our 4th generation ALZiP ECO Silion, that is safe for children to bite and suck on it.

ALZiP Eco Friendly Mat


  • Shock-absorbing Alzip Structure

    Alzip mat earned a patent for its structure of 9 layers of egg-shaped structure.

    This Alzip mat structure gives excellent resilience and durability to the products of Alzip mat and also minimizes the shock the user experience.

  • The mat that has acquired the most certificates!

    Alzip mat has acquired the most certificates among mats selling in the Korean market.

    We were recognized for its superior technology and safety thus, selected by the Korea Environment Corporation(KEC) under the Ministry of Environment.